Watch: This Video By Ek Akasher Niche Star Monami Ghosh Will Leave You In Splits


June 2, 2020


4 min

Monami Ghosh, the popular Bengali actor who played the character of Zeenat in the old favourite TV serial Ek Akasher Niche, recently posted a video that she created, on her social media page. Those of you who often feel quite lazy at the thought of working out, or put off doing so as long as possible, will definitely relate to it!

Watch the first episode of the Zee Bangla TV show Ek Akasher Niche below:

We got you Monami’s video to check out right here.

Titled ‘My Kind Of Cardio,’ the comedy sketch that Monami has so wittily put together opens with a glance on the clock which shows the time when she settles down to exercise. Barely a few seconds into the session, she jumps up eagerly to answer her phone, and chats enthusiastically with her friend for what seems like ages before flopping back down to put in a more earnest effort into her workout.

Monami Ghosh
(Source: Instagram)

However, only a few  seconds in, Monami perks up at the sudden rush of sunlight streaming in from the window and decides that she must take a selfie. The next few minutes obviously go into taking the best kind of photograph, where she preens and pouts in front of her phone camera to try and capture the perfect angle for her selfie! Another look at the clocks shows us she has already spent more time doing everything but exercising during her entire workout!

Then, we hear her mother call her from the next room asking her if she is done. She yells, “Almost!” before rushing to finish up her fitness routine. However… (you guessed it!), she cannot resist checking her phone almost immediately, and then gets delighted and distracted because of the 5 million views that a post she has made on social media has received!

Monami Ghosh
Source: Instagram

Only much later does she realises that time is flying, and she must wrap up her workout session as soon as possible. Again she dives back in with an attempt to finish a set of exercises, only to start dancing because of the music that is playing in the background (although perhaps dancing actually counts as a form of exercise!).

In a last-ditch effort to exercise, Monami settles back down to complete some breathing exercises. Again her mother calls her, and she insists she is almost done. However, as soon as her mother loudly tells her that there is biryani for dinner, she abandons all her intentions of finishing her cardio routine, and rushes out of the room to eat said biryani! The video concludes with the fact that her kind of cardio ‘…Ends with biryani’.

Monami Ghosh
Source: Instagram

Do the sequence of events in Monami’s hilarious video seem like a familiar scenario for you too? Tell us with your comment below!

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