Want To Try The Buddha Bowl Like Niharika Konidela? We Have All Deets

Promita Mukherjee

July 22, 2019


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What Is It?


It has several names, and is one of the most viral food trends on photo-sharing platforms. A Buddha bowl, as it is most popularly known, has become quite a favourite with health enthusiasts. It essentially consists of brightly-coloured food items put together in a carefully arranged bowl. Seems like Happy Wedding star Niharika Konidela has fallen in love with them too as she shared a photo of her Buddha bowl, except she used a plate instead of a bowl.

What Does It Comprise?


Depending on your choice of food, a Buddha bowl could incorporate many things. It actually is a one-dish meal which comprises rice or whole grains, roasted vegetables, some protein (could be vegetarian or non-vegetarian depending on your choice) and a dressing.

The Story Behind It


While it’s all viral and fancy right now, the Buddha bowl has a very simple origin. Reportedly, it is the bowl Buddha used to carry with him every day during his walks around where he was staying. This bowl would be filled up by whatever the villagers could afford as a donation, and Buddha would eat that at the end of the day.

Why’s It Popular?


A Buddha bowl is considered to be a clean way of eating and is quite popular especially among vegans. It supposedly incorporates principles of Chinese and Japanese medicine. It in a balanced meal that will keep you healthy.

How To Make One


You needn’t go out and order a Buddha bowl at a fancy restaurant. Just make one easily at home. Get a deep-rimmed bowl. Begin with a base ingredient of your choice – it could be grains or leafy greens. Add toppings like vegetables, cut the way you prefer it. On top of these, add your source of protein and then sprinkle a light dressing of your choice.

Is It Good For You?


Since they are a mix of different nutrients and food groups, Buddha bowls are a complete meal. While they are essentially a salad, they do not look unappetising, therefore you actually feel good about eating it. And with the right mix of every food group, a Buddha bowl ensures that you have a balanced meal.  

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