Want To Know What Are Our Stars Cooking At Home During These Times Of Self Isolation?


March 29, 2020


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Paoli Dam


As all of us collectively stay at home to contain the spread of the Coronavirus, many of us are turning to cook our own meals as restaurants and services shut, and we limit the commute anybody has to make. If you are looking for some inspiration to step into the kitchen and start doing the same, feel free to draw it from these stars who are getting innovative in this very realm!

The talented Kaali actor Paoli Dam, whom we see again in Kaali 2, is seen cooking up wholesome chilli paneer in a video she has posted on her social media page. Cooking doesn’t always have to mean an elaborate five-course meal – even a one-pot preparation can do the trick if that’s what you prefer. Watch her in the logo reveal of Kaali 2 below:


Gourab Chatterjee


Mathur babu from the hit serial Rani Rashmoni, aka actor Gourab Chatterjee, is also taking to the kitchen to fill up on healthy, nutritious sustenance. This fitness buff posted a story with a picture of his breakfast on social media this morning. He cooked some delicious eggs and mopped them up with slices of toasted whole grain bread. Captioned “Lotsa protein”, this is a meal idea that is so simple yet satisfying, you can never go wrong with it!

Chandan Roy Sanyal


We all know that Chandan Roy Sanyal, the brilliant actor from Bhalobashar Shohor – Arshinagar and Kaali Season 2 is an unabashed food enthusiast. The self isolation phase has seen him put unique twists to his daily chores, including cooking! He has made parathas as well as a batch of piping hot dosas, which he posted a picture of on his social media story.

Oindrila Bose


Oindrila Bose, who plays Chhaya in the popular serial Alo Chhayaposted a photo of the lunch she prepared herself, of egg curry, polau (yellow rice) and papad– typical Bengali fare that is scrumptious and satiating! Doesn’t that make you want to spin your own magic on a plate?

Koneenica Banerjee


Koneenica Banerjee, star of the serial Andarmahal, posted about the sheer joy one can derive from the little things in life. In this case, she is talking about muri bhaja, a mixture of muri (puffed rice), chopped onions, tomatoes, a squeeze of lime and seasoning tossed in a bit of oil, which she enjoyed with her family for tea one afternoon during the lockdown. Indeed, no snack can get better than this!

Which of these meal-time ideas did you enjoy the most? Tell us in the comment section below.

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