Want To Be A Wrestler Like Tuzhat Jeev Rangala’s Rana? Here’s All You Need To Do

Hardeek Joshi plays Rana on the show and if you want to be one like him, you need to keep these things in mind.

Rukmini Chopra

March 18, 2019


3 min


Hardeek Joshi as Rana from Tuzhat Jeev Rangala has all the traits that ladies would want in their man. He is kind, compassionate, supportive, strong and tough. The actor plays a wrestler on the show and we time and again are reminded of his strength. We got a hint of the same in the very first episode of the show, when Rana helps a man pull his bullock cart.

Watch an episode from the show here.

Being a wrestler takes a lot of hard work and dedication. We are shown how Rana is regular with his practice and maintains his exercise regime to stay fit. 

If you too want to become a wrestler like Rana, here are some crucial steps you need to follow:

1. Get the technique right 

Wrestling is a sport that is all about technique. From attack to defense, you need to know all the right moves to be able to defeat your opponent.

2. Build your stamina 

Wrestling is an intense sport that requires a high dose of energy. Aside from fighting the opponent, wrestling also involves lifting him/ her which requires a lot of strength. Hence, it is essential you do some strength training to build your stamina. Opt for functional training such as lifting weights, doing crunches and squats and cardio training which includes brisk walking, jogging and running.

3. Get enough protein 

Protein and fats are essential to build a body. If you are a non- vegetarian, opt for boiled chicken and fish in atleast one of your meals daily. If you are vegetarian, stick to having lots of daal, paneer and greens.

4. Practice, practice and practice 

There’s a saying that practice makes a man perfect and you should swear by it, if you want to be a pro wrestler like Rana. Squeeze in a practice session without fail, to master this sport!

Once you have all these elements in place, no one can stop you from becoming an excellent wrestler. So, are you all geared up? Tell us about your favoruite sportsperson in the comments section below and stay tuned for more such fun tips. If you want to have a perfect back like Rana, we have tips for that too which you can check out here.

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