Vishwamitra Review: Nanditha Raj, Ashutosh Rana, Satyam Rajesh Bring A Compelling Story

Sneha Bale

August 14, 2019


4 min


The newest entrant on ZEE5 is the Telugu film titled Vishwamitra. Bringing together the genres of horror and slice-of-life, the movie does a commendable job. Vishwamitra is shouldered by three seasoned actors who make you sit down and watch the film without batting an eyelid. Nanditha Raj shoulders the film, while Ashutosh Rana steps into his badman shoes once again. Surprisingly, Satyam Rajesh does a U-Turn from his regular choice of roles. Actor Prasanna plays a crucial role in the film as a police inspector. Directed by Raj Kiran, Vishwamitra is now available for streaming on the platform.

The premise of the film is rather simple. We have Mitra (Nanditha) who is an out and out old soul and refuses to indulge in social media or the fast ways of the current generation. Her best friend, played by Vidyullekha, helps a boy connect with her. The boy is Vishwa (Satyam), a bus driver by the day who’s in search of a traditional girl to settle down. Mitra’s boss, Rana (Ashutosh), is a sleazy and greedy man who has his eyes on her. Mitra agrees to go on a blind date with Vishwa, but he never makes it. Suddenly, an unknown person helps Mitra get through her boss-issues. But it’s only Rana and Mitra who can see that person.

Nanditha Raj in Vishwamitra
Nanditha Raj in Vishwamitra (Source: ZEE5)

What happens to Vishwa? Who is the person/ghost helping Mitra live a happier life? And more importantly, how do these dots connect? The answer unravels during the two-hour film. You might want to grab some popcorn and cola as you watch this Telugu movie because the drama is fast-paced and engaging. At no point, will you hesitate to question Rana’s character. He is sleazy and it’s out there. Vishwa will make you believe in simplicity and kind-heartedness once again. And Mitra will keep you going with the flow of the story. The characters are almost single-layered with little scope for the writers or actors to play with. However, the leads — Vishwa and Mitra — get a decent amount of backstory through flashback towards the second half of the film.

Satyam Rajesh In Vishwamitra
Satyam Rajesh in Vishwamitra (Source: ZEE5)

The director does not go into unexplored alleys or nitty-gritty tales attached to them. The film has a simple storyline – find out what’s happening around Mitra. But it’s during this journey that you come across many details that make it compelling. As for the genre, for horror film aficionaados, Vishmitra has little to scare you. Or maybe the scare factor would be limited to the one scene where Mitra wakes up in the middle of the night after a nightmare. There are a few moments when you will find yourself letting out a small laugh, and that’s because of Satya Akkala, Vidyullekha and Satyam. But these moments are far and few between. Vishwamitra does not really depend on its background score or music for storytelling. However, the sound department does a decent job at it.

Nanditha Raj In Vishwamitra
Nanditha Raj in Vishwamitra (Source: ZEE5)

If you are in search of a movie that will help you spend your time and be worth it, Vishwamitra would be our pick. Watch the film now or check out the latest thriller-comedy ZEE5 Original Dhrusti.

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