Vettai’s Gunalan Morgan’s Videos From His Workout Sessions Will Inspire You To Hit The Gym


May 5, 2020


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Celebrities from the television and the film fraternity have always been an inspiration for all of us when it comes to fitness. Thanks to them that working out has now become a part of our lifestyles more than ever. Now, the latest one to inspire us to have a fit and flexible body is Vettai star Gunalan Morgan.

The actor, who is winning hearts as Mugi in the cop drama Vettai, has always been known as a hardcore fitness freak. He not only has grabbed our attention with his fashion sense and smart looks but also been applauded for having such a rock-solid, incredible body.

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Gunalan, who is active on social media, is often seen flaunting his toned body. He also uploads a lot of videos of himself working out in the gym. The actor’s dedication to remain in good shape really serves as a source of inspiration to everyone. So, here are three such videos from Gunalan’s workout sessions that will motivate you to hit the gym as soon as the lockdown is lifted!

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Here’s what you to do to get a sexy back. While Gunalan is doing some hardcore workout but you can surely start with a 10kg plate on each side. Gunalan captioned this post as, “Brutal back attack. 3 plates on each side. Thanks to my training partner @ahnanraj for always pushing me!”

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Personal achievement unlocked. 6 plates on each side amounting to 240kg in total. Managed 6 reps. Though the form isn't 100%, just felt like celebrating these small victories. Will get there eventually. On the brighter side, I have brought down my fat percentage to below 10 percent. Huge shout-out to my trainer cum training partner @ahnanraj for guiding me. All these ain't possible without your push! PS: Though I am very much into fitness, In all these years, I have never posted my fitness journey but will do so now & then. Stay tuned😀 #showhost #kollywood #sgartiste #sghost #actor #artiste #indianartiste #indianactor #indianhost #singaporeindian  #singaporeartist #singaporeactor  #singaporehost #tamilactor #tamilartiste #tamilhost

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Shoulder in the making! Six plates on each side, amounting to 240kg, is no joke. Well, that needs some insane dedication and determination. Do you think, you have it in you? Then don’t wait for those gyms to open but start exercising from today at home. Take full advantage of this lockdown as this is the only time when you can spare some time from your busy schedule to get fit and healthy.

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Huge plus about my body. I can gain & lose weight fast. While taking up various acting roles, I used to take huge advantage of this all these years. I used to eat whatever I want when I don't have a specific target weight to achieve and start dieting when I feel I have become chubbier. All thanks to my favorite Ben & Jerry's Ice cream. I can finish a tub in one go. 😁 In my current drama Uyire, I din want Rajesh to be fit, so wasn't really exercising much but now that my role is coming to an end, am hitting the weights heavier then ever. Thanks to @ahnanraj for pushing me or rather torturing me! 😂 Smashed the biceps! #showhost #kollywood #sgartiste #sghost #actor #artiste #indianartiste #indianactor #indianhost #singaporeindian  #singaporeartist #singaporeactor  #singaporehost #tamilactor #tamilartiste #tamilhost

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With this post, Gunalan tells us how easy it has always been for him to gain and lose weight. However, the actor seems to have taken way too much advantage of this, as he reveals that he had been munching unhealthy food items a lot lately. However, now, hitting the weights heavier than ever, he realises how much goes into losing the extras off his body.

As Gunalan posts this video of him making his biceps and triceps, the actor thanks his trainer for pushing him to bring the best out of him. He also reveals that he now trains 6 times a week without fail. He wrote, “Thank you for always having my back and pushing me @ahnanraj. Kudos to you, Rain or shine, I have escalated to training 6 times a week without fail. Still have a long long way to go in terms of getting into proper shape. PS: You will see my punctured face towards the end of the video. That’s how much Ahnan “cropos” me in the gym.”

However, now that the gym is closed, we are sure, the actor is making sure to maintain his body with some lockdown workouts.

Can you imagine how much hard work must have gone into building those legs? We mean, seven plates on each side, taking the weight up to 280 kilos, is huge. This is indeed some ‘vera level’ workout!

Were these videos of any help to you? If you have been longing for a body that will get a lot of attention from the girls, then you know where to begin from! Well, the workout is not the only thing that will help you bring in shape but also the diet must compliment your efforts and sweat.

Also, if you are a fan of Tamil dramas, you can check out the Tamil web series Police Diary 2.0, currently streaming on ZEE5.

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