Vettai Season 1 Episode 55, 56 Written Update: Nanda Reprimands Regina

An ex-officer meets Seelan to tell him that their team suspects Mugi and Nanda for Dayanithi’s murder.


July 3, 2020


4 min


In the previous episode of VettaiSeelan vents out his frustration at the gym while the instructor consoles him. At work, Mugi gets irritated by seeing Prakash and Suganya’s bond. Then, Suganya professes her love to Prakash, the latter feels too happy to hear that. Meanwhile, Mugi goes to a bar and gets drunk. He bumps into his ex-girlfriend Shalini. As Mugi talks about Suganya in front of Shalini, she scolds him.

Meanwhile, an ex-officer meets Seelan to tell him that their team suspects Mugi and Nanda for Dayanithi’s murder. While Seelan defends his team members, the officer asks him for Nanda and Mugi’s background information. Later, Seelan resigns his job as he wants to now dedicate all his time to his daughter, but the officer refuses to accept his resignation.

In the new (55) episode, Seelan discusses Dayanidhi’s murder with his team. Meanwhile, Mugi argues with Suganya on being addressed as a friend. While Suganya tries to make peace with Mugi, the latter clearly tells her that either she can either be his girlfriend or a stranger to him. Later, Suganya tries to talk about Radha with Nanda. As she gets curiously to know more about Radha, an irate Nanda scolds Suganya.

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Nanda then warns her to not discuss about Radha with anyone in the office. Later, Regina, who is trying to find what turned Nanda so bitter over the years, takes Nanda out for lunch. As she is trying to study him, she asks him about his past relationship with Aarti. However, Nanda reprimands Regina when she goes on questioning him more about Aarti. Later, Nanda recalls his past.

In episode 56, Nanda recalls the past about Aarti befriending him at the academy. Aarti develops a crush on Nanda but the latter does not seem to be interested in her. So, Aarti tries to strike a conversation and then she tricks him into having lunch with her. Aarti is elated as Nanda has lunch with her. While they bond, Aarti questions Nanda about his family. 

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Nanda gets irked when Aarti does not stop asking him about his family. He lashes out at her and leaves. Aarti apologises yo Nanda. While he accepts her apology, he does not entertain her much. But during fitness class, a girl falls unconscious. Aarti immediately gives the girl a CPR and saves the girl’s life. Impressed Nanda praises Aarti as she revives an unconscious Devi. He then asks her on a date. Stay tuned!

If you are new to the series, here’s what you need to know about Vettai. After Dayanithi, the leader of a special task force, is found dead under mysterious circumstances, Vettai, Mugilan, Nanda, Seelan and Radha pick up the case to unearth the mystery behind the murder. Will they be able to resolve the complicated case or is there a twist to the whole situation? The series, starring Shabir, Sathish, Gunala and Gayathiri Segaran in pivotal roles, is a crime-drama based on real-life cases from Singapore. Stay tuned!

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