Vetri Switches Between Sathya The Cop And An Empathising Human In 8 Thottakal Effortlessly

Sathya, from 8 Thottakkal, comes across as a good human being who struggles with keeping his goodness intact.

June 20, 2019


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Directed by Sri Ganesh, 8 Thottakal has Vetri playing the role of Sathya and M S Bhaskar as Krishnamurthy. While Sathya is the emotional and empathetic sub-inspector, Krishnamurthy is depicted as a remorseless and stone-hearted criminal. The essential part of this character bifurcation is the fact that Sathya is more of a kind-hearted human being than a duty-driven police officer.

Watch the struggle between the good and the bad in the movie 8 Thottakkal.

This notion, that Sathya will never be able to do justice as a police officer is established in the first few minutes of the movie. There is a scene where a young Sathya is seen screaming out in fear at the warden of the juvenile home when the latter suggests Sathya that he should study hard and become a police officer.

Young Sathya
A still from 8 Thottakal streaming on ZEE5

It is this scene, that lays the foundation of what is to come ahead. As Sathya turns out to be a cop who is emotional, and he is seen helping people using his position rather than exploiting them. It is also this attitude of his that comes as a problem in the later part of the story. Everyone around him seems to take undue advantage of him.

Probably, Sathya was always that kind soul who is submissive around people. This could be said based on the fact that during his childhood when he was framed for a crime he did not commit, Sathya does not retaliate. He just accepts his fate and moves ahead with his life. This attitude of him haunts him throughout the story. Also, when Meera, the reporter friend, makes use of a detail that he had shared with her and gains stability in her job, he forgives her. Similarly, when the police inspector tries to confront him for helping a poor typist, he just makes peace with it.

Sathya at the shooting range
A still from 8 Thottakal streaming on ZEE5

Thus, more than a hero, Sathya comes across as a good human being who struggles to keep his goodness intact. Even in the closing scene of the movie one can see that struggle when he sees someone from his childhood that reminds him of his bleak past.

Do you think Sathya is a duty-driven officer or a good human being? Do let us know in the comments section below!

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