Vartul: Will Meenakshi Understand Vikram’s New Plan Before It’s Too Late?

Vikram has sent his man, Mr Parwadekar to destroy Abhi’s business. What will be Meenakshi’s next move?

Manjiri Shete

June 28, 2019


3 min


Any obsessions which, when taken too far, will turn a man into a monster. The best example of this is Vikram from Vartul who is obsessed with making plans against Meenakshi. Looking at his mean tactics in the TV show, we can’t imagine that once upon a time Meenakshi was married to an evil man like him. We all know how terrible and torturous their marriage turned out, as the rest is history. Finally, seeing the injustices against Meenakshi, even God must have felt bad as he gave her a helping hand through Abhijeet. Meenakshi and Abhijeet’s coupling was everything good we had imagined. But, now, Vikram, who followed her to Abhijeet’s house, has started to tear down the latter’s business. Will Abhi come to know this before it’s too late?

Before you get hyped up, watch Vartul below:

No one in Meenakshi’s household knows that Vikram has a limitless monstrosity hidden in him. He is capable of going up to any length to see his aim become successful. Only Meenakshi, who knows this truth, has been trying to protect her people at the cost of getting her name tarnished in front of everyone. Previously, Vikram killed Baba and attempted to push the blame on Meenakshi. If that strategy wasn’t enough, we have him interfering in Abhi’s real estate business. In the recent episode, we saw Vikram hired Mr Pawardekar, a con artist, who is trying to lure Abhi in a big business deal. Both Meenakshi and Abhi are unaware about this plan which is planned behind their back.

Vikram is trying his best to destroy Meenakshi’s marriage with Abhi while drawing a sadistic pleasure out of it. Our strong-willed superwoman is being a shield against these strategies and taking all the bullets on herself. We wonder if Meenakshi will realise this new bullet that is coming her way before it’s too late.

As you start biting your nails in tension, let us know how would you tackle the situation had you been in Meenakshi shoes?

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