Vartul Spoiler: Tejas To Make Soha Believe Him Over Meenakshi?

Despite warning multiple times Soha is madly in love with Tejas and is about to marry him.

Ashutosh Oak

April 8, 2019


2 min


In the recent episode of Vartul, we saw Tejas finds out about the huge debt that has to be returned by Abhijeet in a short span of time. Tejas then offers them help by telling them that he will repay the amount but Abhijeet refuses to take help from him. Tejas then give them a second option to mortgage their house and take money as a loan and repay him whenever possible.

Watch the latest episode below:

On Gudi Padwa, everyone is making arrangements for the celebration. On the other hand, Tejas tells Soha while talking on a video call that he wants to confess something important to her. Meenakshi overhears their conversation and gets shocked. In the promo of the next episode, we saw Tejas proposing to Soha on the terrace and Meenakshi comes in between and tells Soha to not to believe him.

We are all set for today’s episode and to our surprise, we got another glimpse of the upcoming episode which enthralled us even more! Take a look at the promo updated on Instagram:

Meenakshi who knows the reality of Tejas advises Soha against marrying him as she is not aware of who Tejas really is. But, Soha does not believe Meenakshi and instead blames her that she did a mistake by trusting Meenakshi. In the next scene, Tejas aka Vikram challenges Meenakshi to save Soha from him. He also threatens her that soon he will manipulate Soha to be with him and not believe Meenakshi.

Will Meenakshi be able to save Soha and reveal Tejas’ true identity? Stay tuned and watch the episode!

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