Vartul: Should Meenakshi Reveal Tejas’ Real Side To Abhijeet?

Tejas’ evil plans are worsening her relationship with her loved ones. What should she do?

Manjiri Shete

May 21, 2019


2 min


If you ever want to see what a damsel in distress looks like, just watch Meenakshi’s story in Vartul. The troubles brewing in her life don’t seem to cease. Always trying to save her family from Tejas, she ends up looking villainous in everyone’s eyes. Tejas, who is her first husband, has threatened to kill everyone she loves if she reveals his real side. From there on, Meenakshi’s relationship with Soha is worsened, if that wasn’t enough Abhijeet now thinks that she needs mental help. In such a position, what do you think should she do?

Watch the episode of Vartul below:

All through the show, Meenakshi has been a victim to Tejas’ evil tactics. Even after getting married to Abhijeet, her destiny has Tejas’ following her everywhere and ruining her life. After Baba got to know his truth, Tejas killed him and blamed it on Meenakshi. In the last night’s episode, Tejas pulled Meenakshi in a shower.  This was probably the last straw. Seeing all these incidents happening with Meenakshi, don’t you think, she should tell the truth about Tejas to Abhijeet and Soha before they both lose their faith in her? Meenakshi could gather proof against Tejas to strengthen her case. She can’t be weak in front of Tejas as that is what he wants her to be.

To know how Meenakshi stands up for herself, keep watching Vartul at 9 pm streaming free on ZEE5. Meanwhile, let us know your opinion about the show in the comments below.

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