Vartul: Is Abhi Falling In Love With Shweta?

In Vartul, Tejas and Shweta come in between Meenakshi and Abhi’s relationship. Will their marriage last?

Manjiri Shete

June 4, 2019


2 min


There is pretty much nothing worse than seeing your favourite onscreen couple break up. In Vartul, Meenakshi and Abhi’s heartbreaking love story showed us what it feels like see your favourite person being distanced from you. We saw Tejas’ entry in their house has caused a turmoil in Meenakshi’s life. Now, if that wasn’t enough, there is Abhi’s ex Shweta who has come into the picture. What will happen if Abhi and Meenakshi’s relationship?

Before you proceed, watch Vartul below:

In Vartul, we have seen Meenakshi and Abhi have their share of ups and downs. But, for a while now, their marriage has been stressed out after Meenakshi’s past came back to haunt her. This past is nothing but Tejas trying to isolate Meenakshi from her newfound family. Unfortunately, as he was successfully doing that, we saw Abhi getting attracted to Shweta, who was his past. A blindsided Meenakshi isn’t aware of this while husband is going away from her.

scene from Vartul
A scene from Vartul.

While Shweta and Abhi were sharing a moment, Tejas recorded this in a camera to show it to Meenakshi. As much as it is hurtful to see this happen, we can’t stop rooting for Meenakshi and Abhi to get back together happily. What are your thoughts, will they have their happily ever after in Tejas and Shweta’s presence?

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