Vartul: Can Meenakshi Stop Vikram From Getting Married To Soha?

Meenakshi has to face Vikram’s revenge as he decides to get married to Soha.

Manjiri Shete

June 14, 2019


2 min


If there’s anything sadder than someone snatching your favourite dessert, then, it would Meenakshi’s dramatic life in Vartul. Her past doesn’t seem to stop haunting her. However, after a tumultuous year, finally, there is happiness blooming in her marriage. She and Abhi are going to soon welcome another member in their family. This is one of the biggest reasons to celebrate after Vikram’s mental torture in the house. But, as we were thinking Meenakshi’s life would be contented, we were proven wrong after yet another problem.

Watch the episode of Vartul below:

In Vartul, we saw Meenakshi’s first marriage to Vikram being torturous. He used to mentally and physically harass her. But, luckily she ran away and found happiness with Abhi. The first few days of their life were smooth sailing, after which Vikram followed her to Abhi’s house. From there, again, each day he has been blackmailing Meenakshi while promising to get married to Soha. The family had decided to tie Soha’s knot to Vikram after her studies were over, but now he insists on getting hitched to her right away. We can’t help but wonder if this is his way of taking revenge on Meenakshi by shifting the date of his and Soha’s marriage.

Soha from Vartul
Source: ZEE5

We pity Meenakshi because she can’t tell Vikram’s real side to Abhi as he has threatened to kill her if anyone ever knows his truth. But, while being in a sensitive state, will Meenakshi be able to stop Vikram from getting married to Soha? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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