Vanaja Shares A Message About Finding Happiness And It Is Super Easy!

June 7, 2019


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Sharing a message about sharing happiness is not an extraordinary thing and neither is it something which makes a significant change in the social structures. But the fact that Vanaja from Sembaruthi shared a message on sharing happiness is a shocking thing. Because we know of Vanaja as that evil lady who wishes to see the downfall of everyone in Akhilandeshwari’s family including Parvathy. And as someone who spits out pure vengeance every time, she is onscreen, this gesture of asking us to share happiness is something surprising.

Watch the plans and plots that Vanaja weaves in the series Sembaruthi.

The character of Vanaja is essayed by Laxmi who is without any doubt a talented actress. Laxmi makes it sure that she gives her a hundred per cent to the character that she essays and gives the viewers the taste of her evil ways. But in real life, Laxmi is a different person altogether. She is a jovial person who likes to live her life to the fullest.

The thing about happiness is that it is a much-used term which may have lost or perhaps changed its sense to a normal person’s understanding. Today, we look at happiness as a material thing which would satisfy our need in this world and also make us happy. But happiness is an emotion which should start in your mind and end on your lips and for this, you should go out and pursue happiness.

Now as the actress rightly puts life is only beautiful when we are happy and to make it happy we also need to make others happy. The whole idea of happiness gets a new meaning with this statement. Moreover, it is an important thing that one should do. Happiness is not something which one can confine in oneself, neither is it something which we can bind. Happiness only grows if we share it with people around us.

So, as the actress says, make attempts to spread joy in the life of others and happiness will find its way to you.

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