Vanaja-Maggie’s Sister Love! Hrithi Wishes No 1 Kodalu Co-Actor Anusha A Happy Birthday

Sneha Bale

April 27, 2020


3 min

With the lockdown in place, most of us are missing out one the most important part of our schedules. And, that is sitting down to watch our favourite serials. The recently-released No 1 Kodalu, starring Sudha Chandran, made its way to the top soon. With interesting characters and storylines, the show has made a connection with people across age groups. Today, two of the actors of this show celebrate something special.

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On-screen, we see Vanaja and Maggie be there for each other, at all times. Their sisterhood truly warms our hearts. The two girls, Hrithi and Anusha Sasural are the same off-screen too. Despite practising social distancing, our Vanaja did not forget her baby sister’s birthday. So, she took to social media to extend her birthday wishes for Anusha with a cute image.

Hrithi Ch and Anusha Sasurla
Hrithi Ch and Anusha Sasurla

Not only that, but Hrithi also shared a funny video of the two. Just like the scene that they are enacting in the video, Hrithi wrote a funny version of happy birthday for her on-screen sister.

Hrithi Ch and Anusha Sasurla
Hrithi Ch and Anusha Sasurla

Similar, No 1 Kodalu’s Teja aka Kranthi K also shared an image to wish his mardal co-star. Who would have thought they are all so tight-knit! Clearly, this family is closer to each other off-the screen than on-screen.

Kranthi K and Anusha Sasural
Kranthi K and Anusha Sasural

Currently, in the show, Sarsu has realised her feelings for Rahul and is wondering if he feels the same for her. On the other hand, Rahul is busy focusing on his career whilst ignoring all the signs that he, too, loves Sarsu. We’re excited to see what happens next.

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