Vanaja From Sembaruthi Motivates To Take Control Of Our Own Life

June 15, 2019


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Vanaja from the show Sembaruthi is someone who is capable of doing anything to make her wish come true. She is that kind of a person who would go to any extreme or bend any rules just for just the sake of getting things according to her desire. But what makes Vanaja more dangerous than any other characters in the TV industry is her lack of deep motive which drives her to be evil. She is just satisfied with the evil stuff that she does that she doesn’t even stop to think as to why she does what she does. The part of Vanaja in the show is played by actress Laxmi and one must say that the actress does a great job of being that remorseless villain.

Watch Vanaja as she makes attempts to torment Adi and Parvathy in the show Sembaruthi.

One thing that we usually miss about Vanaja when we look at her, onscreen, is that she is a strong female character and in fact, she is someone who we can draw inspiration for her confidence and strong conviction and just not for her negative attitude about people and things. Now the actress behind this character of Vanaja is Laxmi and she is someone who is just opposite to her reel character. Laxmi is a fun loving person with a kind heart and she is often seen sharing pics and having fun with the other members of the show.

Apart from having fun and being jolly this actress is also a true motivator, as she keeps on sharing thoughts which one could apply in our life. In a similar kind of an event, the actress recently shared a post on her Instagram handle. Let us take a look at the post before we go any further.

This post may look to you like a seemingly common post but the message that Laxmi gives here is very deep. As she says that your life is in your hands and you can give it a definite shape and meaning. And apart from that, it means that you can change the course of your life and make it better if you are not satisfied with it.

So, take a note from Laxmi’s post to make attempts to change your life and make it a better journey. Share your thoughts and comments in the section given below.

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