Valentine’s Day Special: Why Kalyani And Anand Make The Best Couple On screen

Even with all the challenges they face from their families, Anand and Kalyani continue to inspire all of us by being that perfect couple.

Tom Francis

February 14, 2020


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Even with all the disapproving looks from fellow characters like Vilasni, Priyanka and Akhila, Anand and Kalyani continues their journey to happily ever after. Anand is loving enough to look at Kalyani beyond the barriers of status and societal approval, making love the only quotient between them both. The adorable couple from Chembarathi is surely a source of inspiration to all the couples out there trying to fight it out.

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Here are the reasons why Anand and Kalyani from Chembarathi make the best couple on screen:

Kalyani is confident in winning the competition
Kalyani is confident in winning the competition
  •  Mutual support: Kalyani is supportive of Anand’s decisions even when all odds are against him. Even with their many opponents like Vilasini, Priyanka and Ganga, Anand is sure of Kalyani’s willingness to fight it out. The mutual support they offer to each other’s decisions defines the base of their relationship. Remember when Anand lost his temper and challenged Ganga to try and win the dance competition against Kalyani? Anand later apologises to her for putting forward the challenge but is surprised when Kalyani confidently decides to win the competition for him. Even if it is something trivial like a dish Kalyani makes, Anand never hesitates to appreciate her for her skills and efforts.
Anand motivates Kalyani
Anand motivates Kalyani
  •  Committed to a happy ending: Kalyani complains to Anand about the many challenges they face in their relationship but he is always there to assure her of a happy future in the end. His mother Akhila reminds him of his status but Anand’s actions say that he is willing to leave everything behind for a life with Kalyani. Anand tries to make Akhila understand how Kalyani is willing to sacrifice herself for Thrichambarath when he makes her gift the ancestral necklace to Kalyani. Even when Akhila introduces Ganga as the suitable bride for him he is quick to console Kalyani and make her believe in the slight chance that they have to make it work. Kalyani’s confidence in winning the brand ambassador competition gives hope to their relationship.
Kalyani meets Anand in Mumbai
Kalyani meets Anand in Mumbai
  •  Distance doesn’t matter: Many long-distance relationships fail because of the lack of commitment and communication between the partners. Anand and Kalyani are a good example of a couple who are willing to take on the distance between them to take care of each other. When Anand is attacked in Mumbai by Priyanka’s goons, Kalyani gets an instinctive feeling that something unfortunate has happened to him. As Aravind is unable to accompany her to Mumbai, she travels alone to meet Anand. He is surprised to see her at his doorstep and apologises to her for not telling her about his injuries. Kalyani proves that she is willing to travel any distance to take care of him.

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