Valentine’s Day Special: Arya-Anu Of Prema Entha Madhuram Show Love Is In The Small Things

Sneha Bale

February 11, 2020


1 min

Love is watching the times change together

The newest edition to Zee Telugu’s prime-time slot will now be taken over by Arya and Anu of Prema Entha Madhuram. The show is the love story of an unusual couple, where the man is a 40-year-old business tycoon and the girl is a 19-year-old young adult. How they define love, find ways to stay with each other, and fight all odds for their happiness is the plot of the show. Unusual or full of stereotypes, love is love. And this Valentine’s Day, let Arya and Anu tell you how love lies in the small things of life.

Watch the theme song here:

Spending nights and days talking to each other sounds wonderful, when you are in a relationship. Watching the sun rise and set right in front of you makes it a million times better.

Love is resting carefreely

What is love when you cannot shed away your masks and rest happily! Love is  like coming back home.

Love is being childlike together

We all have to “act mature” and “act our age” in the outside world. And that is why most people end up being the craziest self with their significant others. Because love is all about keeping the inner child in you alive.

Love is imagining the future together

All couples will agree to this! Sitting in peace, or dreaming away the day thinking about your picture-perfect life, is inevitable. A happily ever after, why not!

Love is seeing the world together

Travelling is an important part of our lives, and travelling with our partner by our side is the most beautiful thing ever.

Love is sharing a cup of coffee

While the big things come and go, it is the little things in life that we live for. Even if it means sharing a warm cup of coffee on a cold day, that is what counts.

Love is walking hand in hand

Most people might shy away from accepting it, but deep down inside, holding hands is one of the most special moments.

Love is in romantic cliches

Where there is love, there will be cliches! And no, nothing about these cliches is wrong. They are the tried-and-tested ways of making love, life and relationships better. So, why not!

Love is wearing colour-coordinated outfits

Wearing colour-coordinated outfits might be cute for some and not-so-cute for the other. But if it floats your boat, then do not fret away from it.

Love is unimaginable admiration

When in love, you will often find yourself “crushing hard” over the silly things that your partner does. It could be the way they laugh or the way they pronounce a certain word. After all, love is in the small things! So, why do we complicate it with other and bigger lenses developed by society?

Watch one such love story in Prema Entha Madhuram, on ZEE5, starting February 10, 2020. You can also spend your Valentine’s Day watching amazing romantic films right here.

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