Valentine’s Day: Reignite The Spark In Your Relationship Like Phulpakhru’s Vaidehi – Manas

During this season of love, embrace your partner and express to them how much they mean to you.

Manjiri Shete

February 3, 2020


3 min


We have idolised Manas and Vaidehi’s relationship ever since Phulpakhru began. While their relationship went through highs and lows, both of them stood strong. There were times when Manas and Vaidehi had disagreements but, amidst that, their mutual respect for each other helped them cope with the differences. Even after their marriage, they romanced as if they met for the first time. Taking inspiration from them, here are ways you can reignite the spark in the relationship!

Watch the episode of the show below:

1. Jump out of your comfort zone

Do things in which both of you are mutually interested in and wouldn’t do normally. This will help you escape the monotony of your everyday life and add the spark to your relationship. It could be anything from going on a weekend trip together to trying out food from a new restaurant. The time you spend together will help you bond and make new memories.

2. Don’t forget your dating period

After many years into the relationship, it is easy to forget how it all started and what mainly attracted you to your partner. However, this can change when you start implementing things which you did when you were courting each other. Like, going for movies together or sharing a meal or simply just making time for one another.

3. Surprise your partner

A change in scenery out of the everyday routine will help you get your relationship back on track. It could be cooking a special meal for them, taking them out for lunch or sending flirty texts in the middle of the day. This gesture will instantly lift up their spirits and make them happy!

4. Do something for them

You could kindly take up their share of chores for a day if they have had a tiring day at work. It is very pleasing when somebody volunteers as it shows how much they mean to you and how much you appreciate them.

5. Be more intimate

No matter how old you grow, don’t forget touching each other. It could simple things like intertwining your fingers in theirs, wrapping your hand around their waist or kissing them on the forehead. This physical gestures add more spice to your relationship and help the tension to simmer down.

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