US President Donald Trump Says Pandemic Will Worsen Before Getting Better

US President accepts gravity of the pandemic, tells people to wear mask

Raghav N

July 22, 2020

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In a rare public acknowledgement, USA President Donald Trump said that the coronavirus pandemic is likely to get worse before getting better. In a first, he also showed off his face mask and encouraged people to cover their faces as a precaution. He said he is also undergoing COVID19 testing every two to three days.

Mask wearing has been a controversial issue in the US with some of Trump’s own followers stating that mandatory face covering infringes on their liberties. However, Vice President Mark Pence has spoken about the benefits of wearing the mask.

States like Florida and Texas have seen massive surges in the number of infections with people flouting social distancing norms and mask-wearing measures. Previously, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis had refused making face masks compulsory.

The President, who had till now, not really accepted the gravity of the situation, seems to be taking a more cautionary stand. This could also be due to pressure from his aides, who may have noted his trailing position in the upcoming polls.

Meanwhile, Dr. Anthony Fauci, US government’s top disease expert, who Trump had called an alarmist, responded to the president saying he is more of a realist.

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