UP’s Rampur violin makers face hardships due to lockdown


May 30, 2020



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Rampur (Uttar Pradesh) [India], May 30 (ANI): Violin makers here in Ghair Tongha Purana Ganj area facing hardships as their business has impacted negatively due to coronavirus-induced lockdown.
UP’s Rampur, which is famous for making violins is now troubled with the less demand for their violins and their business is heavily affected due to lockdown.
Gayasuddin, owner of NGM Musicals which is involved in making the violin said that nobody is giving orders now.
“We are in this business for the last 80 years. My father and grandfather were in this business. We never face such a situation, the lockdown impacted our business negatively. There is no none to buy the violins made by us. Nobody is giving orders now. The instruments are getting ruined. Once it gets ruined, it did not work properly,” Gayasuddin told ANI.
“Now, we are selling the violins at low prices. Earlier 30 to 35 workers including woman used to work here, but now we are failing them to provide work. We are also failing to provide payment to labourers,” he added.
The country is under the fourth phase of lockdown which will continue till May 31. The lockdown was first enforced in March to contain the spread of COVID-19. (ANI)

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