Upasana Konidela’s Tips To Keep Your Relationships Healthy During This Lockdown

Sneha Bale

April 20, 2020


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The country-wide lockdown has been extended and the cases have been on a constant rise. But we aren’t here to tell you about all that’s going wrong. It is important to maintain some hope, even during the most difficult times. And we’re going to do exactly that – find hope. Once again, Upasana Kamineni Konidela has come to our rescue with some tips and tricks.

When we are all locked inside the same house, finding peace in ‘your spot’ could be a far fetched dream. For the ones who love their time alone could be living through the worse nightmare. In such situations, it is extremely easy for things to go wrong, and for relationships to go sour. In order to curb that negativity inside your own house, Upasana shares a few points that will ensure sanity and harmony.

Upasana Kamineni and Ram Charan
Upasana Kamineni and Ram Charan

For starters, it is advised that one mustn’t raise topics that are sensitive to another. In many cases, it could also be as simple as watching blaring news on the TV all day long. As much as we need our own space, we must understand that others in the house need their space too. So let them be on their own, whenever you find them seeking patience or peace.

Consider this lockdown to be the best way to spend some time with your family. Play a new game every day or watch a film together. But make sure that you stay together. Most women might find it nerve-wrack to handle everything or everyone at once. So, dividing chores amongst everyone is the easiest way to reduce the burden on them, and also to give yourself some physical movement.

Tips by Upasana Kamineni Konidela
Tips by Upasana Kamineni Konidela

Too much of anything can be harmful, and our phones, TV, news aren’t any different either. Set some hours of your day to do something that stops you from consuming too much negativity. On that note, sharing positivity with your people and others is a great way to heal the world. So, go ahead and do your bit. Finally, burn your ego and reconnect with the people who have come to be mere names on your phone.

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