Tuzhat Jeev Rangala Webisode: Is Chanda Involved In Mohite’s Plan To Trap Rana?

Kedar Koli

June 10, 2020


3 min

In the previous webisode of Tuzhat Jeev Rangala, we saw Audya consoling Sunny who is worried about Rana’s safety. Sunny hopes that Rana comes back as he desperately wants to meet him. Audya assures him that Rana will reunite with them soon, all hale and hearty. They then discuss how Rana is being targetted by Mohite who wants to get rid of him forever. The two then plan to save Rana from the clutches of Mohite as soon as possible. Both Audya and Sunny agree to sacrifice their lives for Rana. But will they be reunited with him? Only time will tell!

Watch an episode of Tuzhat Jeev Rangala here.

In the latest webisode, we see Chanda sneaking into the kitchen to eat something. She notices Godakka coming inside and stops eating midway. Chanda turns around and pretends to cry in front of Godakka. Seeing her cry profusely, Godakka asks her what the matter is. To this, Chanda says that she’s worried as the monsoon is approaching. She reveals that everyone else in the village has already plowed their farm but they still haven’t as Rana has gone missing. Godakka asks Chanda to not worry about it as Suraj and Anjali are there to take care of it. Chanda disagrees with her and says that they both are busy. She hopes that Rana returns soon and asks if Godakka knows anything about him. Godakka realises that Chanda is pretending to be worried and wants to get information out of her instead.

Later, Godakka confesses that she knows someone from their inner circle has trapped Rana. She then warns Chanda and asks her if she has got anything to do with it. Chanda says that she’s innocent and that she’s actually concerned about Rana. As Godakka turns away to go, Chanda’s expression changes from worried to scheming.

Watch the story unfold in the latest webisode of the show here.

तुझ्यात जीव रंगला । Webisode ५।

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Has Chanda got something to do with Rana’s troubles? Find out in the next webisode of Tuzhat Jeev Rangala.

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