Tula Pahate Re Promo: Isha Refuses To Acquire Aaisaheb’s Property Under Her Name!

What makes Isha go against Aaisaheb’s wishes? Watch video and find out.

Rukmini Chopra

April 8, 2019


2 min


Zee Marathi’s popular thriller show Tula Pahate Re, has witnessed a shocking new twist where Isha has learnt that Rajnandini was Aaisaheb’s daughter and not daughter-in-law like she thought all along. Along with this, we are seeing that Aaisaheb has expressed her wish to name all her property in Isha’s name, much to Vikrant’s relief. His ultimate plan is to acquire all of Isha’s property and put it under his name.  But Vikrant’s plan may be put on hold as Isha will refuse to fulfill Aaisaheb’s wishes! 

Watch the latest episode here.

After discovering the truth about Rajnandini, Isha is scared and is fearing the true colours of Vikrant. Watch the promo here.

Aaisaheb will aim to proceed with the legal procedures of the property acquirement and will ask Isha to sign the papers. But she will refuse to do so, shocking Aaisaheb as well as Vikrant! We are wondering what led to Isha’s sudden change of mind.

Has she figured out that Vikrant secretly wants her to acquire Aaisaheb’s property so that in the end, he can have it all? Or is it simply the fear and pressure that is getting the better of Isha? Stay tuned to find out!

Catch all the episodes of Tula Pahate Re, exclusively on ZEE5. 

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