Tula Pahate Re 8 April 2019 Written Update Of Full Episode: Isha Finds Out Rajesh Is Dead?

Jaydeep and Aaisaheb want to readily transfer their property to Isha’s name.

Manjiri Shete

April 8, 2019


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In the recent episode of Tula Pahate Re, Sonya and Jaydeep reveal to Isha that Rajanandini was Dadasaheb’s first wife’s daughter. Rajanandini’s mother passed away when she was 20 years old, that’s when Dadasaheb married Aaisaheb. Jaydeep is her son, which means Rajanandini and he are step-siblings. Dadasaheb wanted to give all the business to Rajanandini. During this time, Vikrant came into her life and he took care of the business. Jaydeep and Sonya are surprised that Vikrant hasn’t told Isha anything about this.

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Mrs Nimkar calls up Isha. She tells her about the blessings Mr Nimkar sought for his daughter from Sai Baba. On the other hand, Bipin, who has started his own business because of Isha and Vikrant’s motivation, wants to break the news to Rupali and Isha. Meanwhile, at home, Isha is anxious about Vikrant’s link to Gaja Patil.  She is confused and hurt that he has kept secrets from her.

Sonya is wondering why Vikrant has kept this major family secret from Isha. She informs this to Jaydeep. At the same time, Aaisaheb tells Isha that Vikrant is a good person and their marriage has changed his life. They both are lucky to have each other. Then, Aaisaheb discusses transferring Jaydeep’s property to Isha’s name. He wants to happily do it. Meanwhile, Aaisaheb has spoken to their family lawyer, who is to come home the next day with their property documents.

Subodh Bhave in Tula Pahate Re
Subodh Bhave in Tula Pahate Re.

Isha gets a call from Rajesh’s neighbour telling her that Rajesh hasn’t reached Pune. She asks him the meaning of this, he insinuates that Rajesh might be dead. During this phone call, Vikrant enters from behind and silently eavesdrops this conversation. He asks her about the call but she lies.

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