Tula Pahate Re 25 April 2019 Preview: Isha Realises Her Husband Is A Murderer?

Manjiri Shete

April 24, 2019


1 min

In the latest episode of Tula Pahate Re, Jalinder traps Vikrant and saves Isha’s life. He lures Vikrant into Borivali National Park and raises a gun at him. Then, Vikrant does the same and shoots Jalinder. Meanwhile, Isha realises Jalinder’s selfless behaviour and feels thankful for him. It also strikes her if he has given his life for her also means whatever he has told her about Vikrant is true.

Watch the latest preview below:

Isha’s behaviour after returning to Vikrant is awkward. She isn’t the same as she was before knowing Vikrant’s real side. Vikrant realises this and shares this with Jhende. He suspects Jalinder has fed her with some news which is why her behaviour has changed. Meanwhile, Isha goes to Borivali National Park to see the murder scene herself. She sees Jalinder’s blood and realises the man she calls her husband is a murder.

What do you think will happen in the next episode? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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