Tula Pahate Re 18 March 2019 Preview: Mr And Mrs Nimkar Come To Know Vikrant’s Truth?

Sonya tells Isha’s parents about Rajanandini’s room.

Manjiri Shete

March 16, 2019


1 min


Isha and Jaydeep are determined to find the corrupt culprit in their company. They meet Rajesh and question him about his boss. But, he is too tensed to give any information. On the other hand, Mr Nimkar buys gifts for everyone from the bonus he gets from every Rajanandini saree that is sold in his shop. As they plan to meet Isha, Mrs Nimkar calls her in Tula Pahate Re’s recent episode.

Watch the preview below:

In the spoiler, Isha’s parents land at her place to give the gifts Mr Nimkar has got for everyone. But since Vikrant is his forbidden room, Isha tells them they can’t give him the gift. Meanwhile, Sonya makes her parents suspicious about Vikrant by talking about his room. She says that Vikrant first goes to that room after coming from office. She is surprised because Isha hid this thing from her parents. Mr and Mrs Nimkar seem concerned.

Will they confront Isha about it? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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