Tula Pahate Re Actress Abhidnya Bhave Shares Her Wardrobe Hack In This Exclusive Video

Have you ever wondered how she organises attire before an event? The secret was revealed on the red carpet of Maharashtracha Favourite Kon 2019.

Manjiri Shete

February 22, 2019


2 min


If you have seen Abhidnya Bhave’s acting onscreen, then, you would know an interview with her will be nothing less than excellent. Staring her journey from Kulata Kali Khulena to Tula Pahate Re, she has continued to steal the show with her act. Now, dropping the actor’s hat, she gets candid about her likes and dislikes on the red carpet of Maharashtracha Favourite Kon 2019 on ZEE5! Have we got you curious about your favourite onscreen vamp? Watch below!

Wearing a fuschia pink saree and beaded choker, the Tula Pahate actress was interviewed by Bhushan Pradhan. Their conversation began with Abhidnya revealing that she prefers dogs over cats “Anyday!”. Going ahead, the most unexpected answer came when she was asked, what’s the one thing she can’t live without? Bhushan believed she would say her phone. However, her immediate reaction was sleep! Isn’t that most surprising reply ever? Because we definitely didn’t see that coming.

We bet you want to know whose picture she keeps on her lock screen and what makes her so stylish! All you have to do is watch the video and let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

If you haven’t already, then, watching her brilliant performance in Tula Pahate Re streaming on ZEE5.

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