Tu Patang Main Dor: Why Farooq’s Mother Has The Potential To Be The New Villain

It seems that Zarina will soon enter into a new mess, thanks to Farooq’s mom. Read on to know about the new potential baddie of Tu Patang Main Dor.


July 28, 2020


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The Zee Punjabi serial Tu Patang Main Dor is taking an interesting turn with the new episodes. Amandeep (Rohit Handa) finally manages to convince the master tailor to take his dupattas for free, so that he can secure a visa for Pakistan. On the other hand, Zarina (Chetna Singh) also confesses her feelings for Farooq to Bano. However, we are here to discuss one character that has the ability to become quite interesting in the coming days.

Before that, watch the new episode of Tu Patang Main Dor here:

Who Is The New Baddie?

A still from the show (Source: ZEE5)

Jamila’s to-be mother-in-law, Farooq’s mother, holds a secret– something that might not go down well with Zarina. The last episode raises new questions about Farooq’s mother. When Farooq’s mother visits Zarina’s house, Bano secretly tells her that after Zarina gets married to Farooq, they should be sent to Islamabad. Bano tells her that Zarina always wanted to go there, but she couldn’t manage to fulfil her dreams. So she requests Farooq’s mother to take it into consideration. However, Farooq’s mother turns white at Bano’s words. She then gets upset and appears to have an asthma attack. Farooq takes his mother away.

What Is Farooq’s Mother Hiding?

A still from the show (Source: ZEE5)

When Farooq takes his mother out of Zarina’s home, she worries that Zarina find out the truth that she’s hiding in Islamabad. Now, what’s the moment of truth that Farooq’s mother fears? Why did her expression change when Bano mentioned Islamabad? What is in Islamabad that might concern Zarina? When Farooq met Zarina for the first time, his mother was not so happy with her. She was making faces at Zarina’s ideology and her lifestyle. Now, with this new development, we are sure that something is fishy about Farooq’s family.

Zarina already has her stepmom, Jamila, to mess with her life. Now even Farooq’s mother is giving hints about keeping a secret. This might not turn well for Zarina. What do you think about Zarina’s marriage with Farooq? Do you think that Farooq is a good man? Do you think that Farooq’s family is holding a secret that might end up hurting Zarina? Let us know your views in the comment section.

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