Tu Patang Main Dor: 4 Ways To Identify The Surjan In Your Friend Circle!

Amandeep is incomplete without his bestie Surjan, who stands by him through thick and thin. Here’s how to identify the Surjan in your friend circle!


August 4, 2020


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Tu Patang Main Dor‘s Amandeep Singh (Rohit Handa) has a saviour in the guise of a best friend, Surjan (Mukul Sharma). Amandeep is incomplete without Surjan. After watching the show, we all wish we had a support system like Surjan. So here we are with all the knowledge you’ll need to identify a loyal bestie like Surjan among your own friend circle.

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1. The One Who Can Take Pangas For You 

Mukul Sharma as Surjan (Source: ZEE5)

The best thing about Surjan is that he acts as a shield for Amandeep. When someone tries to cross his pal’s path, they have to get through Surjan first. Surjan is quite lean but he dares to take on muscular guys, just for Amandeep. So, if you have someone to take your fights… wohi hai tumahra sacha yaar.

2. Sukh Ho Ya Dukh, He’s Always On The Hook 

Surjan aka Mukul Sharma, Aman aka Rohit Handa

The one who always joins the celebration and avoids struggle is not your true friend. One should really learn how to be an ideal friend from Surjan. In happier times, he dances with Amandeep, and in crises, he stands by Amandeep steadfastly. Do you remember how he stood up for Amandeep’s father Diyal Singh (Satnam Kang), or how he helped Amandeep fly the kite across the border? When Amandeep was caught by BSF soldiers near the border, who was there with him? You know the answer. Try to find such a person near you.

3. Your Ultimate Master Key

Surjan and Aman (Source: ZEE5)

Surjan is Amandeep’s master key. He knows how to handle crises and deal with people a lot better than Amandeep. He’s smart enough to fool most people and can come up with schemes and ideas instantly. Thus, Amandeep prefers sharing every problem and secret with Surjan. So, if you have one such jugadu dost hai… they have the potential of being your very own Surjan!

4. The One Who Can Sacrifice Anything For You

Mukul Sharma as Surjan (Source: ZEE5)

Surjan considers his bond with Amandeep superior to everything else. For him, Amandeep comes first. Jahan aaj bhai-bhai ladki ke liye ladh jaate hai, wahi Surjan gives up his love for Loveleen (Surinderjit Kaur) only because of Amandeep. So, if your pal thinks about you before themselves, don’t let that person go. Badi muskil se aise dost milte hai!

So these were some qualities of Surjan that make him the ideal best-friend. Share your views about your bestie in the comment section below.

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