Tu Patang Main Dor 14 September 2020 Written Update: Zarina finds a way to reach Amandeep

Zarina finds a way to enquire about Amandeep. Read on to know an interesting update about Tu Patang Main Dor.


September 11, 2020


3 min


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Amandeep (Rohit Handa) suffers the atrocity of the police. On the other side, Zarina (Chetna Singh) finds a way to know about his whereabouts. Let’s discuss this episode.

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Surjan warns Kirpal 

A still from the show (Source: ZEE5)

Zarina calls Amandeep’s house. Kirpal receives the call but Surjan (Mukul Sharma) comes up and cuts the call. He warns Kirpal to avoid talking to anyone from across the border as it can go against Amandeep.

Amrit refuses to leave Amandeep 

A still from the show (Source: ZEE5)

Amrit is in jail. She forces Amandeep to run away from the interrogation and throws the lock-up key to him. Diyal requests the police officer to free her. However, Amrit refuses to leave as she wants Amandeep’s freedom. What follows is an emotional banter between a mother and her son.

Jagtaar and Rajwant rejoice at Amandeep’s arrest

A still from the show (Source: ZEE5)

Jagtaar and Rajwant celebrate Amandeep’s trial with alcohol. One of Taufiq’s men visits and tells them that he will stay with them until their mission is accomplished.

Amandeep hopes for a future with Zarina

A still from the show (Source: ZEE5)

Amandeep decides not to share Zarina’s name or connection with the police. He keeps her a secret and refuses to share her name even with Amrit. On the other side, Zarina finds a way to connect to Amandeep. To know how, keep reading this space and watching the show.

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