Tu Ashi Jawali Raha Weekly Update: Manva Breaks Her Promise To Rajveer, Meets Her Father

Manjiri Shete

July 8, 2019


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Last week on Tu Ashi Jawali Raha, Rajveer apologises to Manva for accusing her of lying. He feels guilty and asks her to punish him. Because of Kaka’s family, Manva is blamed for breaking Aniket and Alaknanda’s marriage. Rajveer understands Manva is innocent and pulls her in front of everyone. He asks Alaknanda the reason behind the marriage disaster and she says Manva poisoned Aniket’s mind against her. Kaka and Kaki conveniently point fingers at Manva, but Rajveer defends his wife.¬†Rajveer asks Kaka to apologise to Alaknanda’s ex-fiance Aniket.

Watch the episode below:

Nitish is angry at Manva for ignoring their parents who are tensed about her. He expresses his concern in front of everyone. Meanwhile, even Sakhi reminds Manva that her decision to cut off from her family is wrong. Manva says she doesn’t have any option as Sakhi tells her the consequences of her decision. Due to Manva’s stress, Col. Ajay suffers from a heart attack. The same night, Manva dreams about her father leaving her and going far away. After Manva goes to sleep again, Rajveer switches off her phone.

After Manva’s father is admitted in the hospital, the doctor says they will have to perform an urgent surgery on him. In this condition, they have to urgently look for money to pay the hospital bills. Nitish goes to ask for money from Sushmita who refuses to lend it. Meanwhile, even in this condition, Rajveer tries to stop Manva from meeting her father. She pleads to him but he emotionally blackmails her. Manva has no choice but to ignore Rajveer’s warnings and go to her father.

According to the hospital rules, Nitish is asked to pay the money first before beginning the required operation. Then, Sakhee offers Nitish financial help in the dire condition.

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