Tu Ashi Jawali Raha: Is Manva Right In Leaving Rajveer?

We are supporting Manva who left Rajveer after he doubted her character.

Manjiri Shete

August 7, 2019


2 min


Who would have thought Kaivalya’s exit from the Mohite-Patil would be followed by Manva’s? Manva left, along with her, accompanied all the happiness that was remaining in Rajveer’s family. Tired of Rajveer’s behaviour, Manva called it quits and went straight to her parents’ house. She hit her saturation point after Rajveer accused her of having an affair with Kaivalya. At this moment, she realised Rajveer’s love for her is turning into an unhealthy obsession. So, do you think Manva was right in leaving Rajveer alone?

Watch an episode of Tu Ashi Jawali Raha below:

If you were to take our opinion, Manva should have left Rajveer long time back in Tu Ashi Jawali Raha. He made her leave her job, forget her parents and created differences between her and Nitish. Being an obedient wife, she accepted all his decisions at the cost of compromising with her feelings. But, Rajveer didn’t just stop there. He took a step further by making Yash keep an eye on Manva and doubted her friendship with Kaivalya. In front of the whole house, he stooped low after suspecting her character and integrity. Since that point, there was no coming back. Manva knew Rajveer had crossed his limits.

Manva rightly made Rajveer realise that he has wronged. Rajveer’s huge ego doesn’t make him realise how badly he treated his loved ones. After reading this, what do you think about Manva’s decision? Let us know if you agree with it just as much as us.

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