Try These Delicious Desserts With Nolen Gur From Rannaghar

Learn how to prepare these nolen gur sweets in your own kitchen with ease.


March 11, 2020


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Those of you with a sweet tooth, take heart! Today we bring you the recipes of two delectable desserts from the treasure trove of Rannaghar. Learn how to make Shimui Puli and Moushumi Sondesh in a few simple steps, and get ready to impress all your family and friends with these delicacies!

shimai puli
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Shimui Puli


Vermicelli or shimui (rice noodles)


Evaporated milk


Khoa kheer

Rice flour dough


Nolen gur

Coconut, shredded


Cashew nuts


Fry the shimui lightly with some ghee in a frying pan. Add milk powder and sugar and stir. This will be your stuffing. Pour some evaporated milk and khoa kheer into a pan. Stir until it is thickened, then keep aside. Roll out the rice flour dough in a thin layer. Tear off a piece of dough, put a bit of stuffing into it and wrap. Do this till all the stuffing has been wrapped into little dumplings. Fry them in refined oil. Add the dumplings into the kheer mixture. Drizzle with nolen gur. Add raisins and cashew nuts and garnish with coconut. Your Shimai Puli is ready to eat!

(Source: ZEE5)

Moushumi Sondesh




Nolen gur

Coconut, grated

Cashew nuts, chopped



Knead the paneer with a sprinkling of water and mix sugar into it. Mix in the sugar and nolen gur, roll out into a layer and keep aside. Mix the grated coconut, sugar and nolen gur in a bowl and refrigerate for a few minutes. Add the chopped cashew nuts and raisins into the cooled coconut mixture, and shape into little balls. Stuff bits of the coconut mixture into a piece of the paneer sheet, and pat into domes. Garnish the centre with chopped pistachios and serve!

Make these fast before nolen gur vanishes from the market.

What is your favourite sweet dish? Let us know in the comments below.

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