Trinayani Weekly Update 23 to 28 March 2020: Gayatri Talks To Nayani

Sneha Bale

March 30, 2020


3 min

In the week before the last of Trinayani, Nayani manages to save Shubhadra, although Kantam insists that she leave the village by dawn. In the city, Ahalya tries her best to fight Tilottama and save Vishal from her. Sumana asks Nayani to fulfil her promise and leave the village. Vishal’s father hears Tilottama talking in a closed room.

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Vishal’s father goes closer to the door and listens to Tilottama talking to her son, Vikrant, and her brother talk about something. They discuss the plan to strip Vishal of everything and ensure that the property and the wealth comes to Vikrant.

Vikrant's father in Trinayani
Vikrant’s father in Trinayani

Ahalya talks to Gayatri’s photo and asks her to go and save Vishal. That’s when Nayani feels like a woman was approaching her. This woman happens to be Gayatri, who tells Nayani to be happy about leaving the village. She adds that it is Nayani’s time to save people outside the village too.

Gayatri in Trinayani
Gayatri in Trinayani

At night, Nayani goes into the room and cries while holding the new saree that she won in the temple. She drapes the saree and comes out. Everyone is shocked to see her in it. To this, Nayani asks her mother to feed dinner once.

Everyone in Trinayani
Everyone in Trinayani

Tilottama goes to her bedroom to find the diary, at night. She does that to find out about whatever had happened in the office since her husband maintained a daily journal. But she answers his call instead and finds out all the property has been transferred to Vishal.

Tilottama in Trinayani
Tilottama in Trinayani

Late at night, Sumana corners Nayani and asks her to leave immediately. Nayani packs her bags and prepares to leave.

Nayani and Sumana in Trinayani
Nayani and Sumana in Trinayani

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