Top Things To Do In NYC Like ZEE Heroes Star Tejaswi Madivada

Promita Mukherjee

August 11, 2019


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The Brooklyn Bridge


Times Square. Statue Of Liberty. Fifth Avenue. Madison Square. Glitz, glamour, luxury and so much more pops up on our minds the moment we hear the words New York City. Planning to visit one of the best cities of the United States of America like the ZEE Heroes star and Lovers actor Tejaswi Madivada did recently? We’ve got you a list of places you should visit without getting too touristy.

This iconic bridge, built in 1883, has been the setting of way too many movies. It connects lower Manhattan to Brooklyn Heights across the East River and was once the longest suspension bridge in the world. Do not miss a photo op as you stroll about the bridge as cars rush past beneath you.

Central Park


A slice of nature among the steel and glass behemoths that surround you. It is 693 acres of man-made gardens – complete with meadows, gardens, forests and hillsides. And of course, there are fountains, monuments, sculptures, bridges and arches along with playgrounds, ice-skating rink and a castle. See how much fun Tejaswi is having in this photo here.

Coney Island


It’s touristy, yes. But Coney Island is a whole bunch of fun too. Dig into some classic American grub and get the feel of old-town America in this beachfront destination a short ferry ride away. Hop on the rides and have a fun day out, old style.

The High Line


Once upon a time, this was a 1.45 mile long freight rail on the West End of Manhattan. Then it got abandoned. And then it was transformed into an elevated, mixed-use public park, situated 30 feet above 11th Avenue, which has walkways, chaise longues, trees, bushes – all blended into landscape architecture. Intrigued? Go visit like Tejaswi did.  

The Guggenheim


You cannot go to New York and miss out going to one of the best museums in the world. It’s worth checking out just for its layout – with its circular concrete structure, a central ramp which spirals upwards leading to the exhibition floors. Gape at Solomon R. Guggenheim’s spectacular modern art collection. Also check out works by Picasso, Klee, Miró, and more.

Statue of Liberty


Liberty Island, south of lower Manhattan, is a ferry ride away. And also home to the iconic Statue of Liberty which is synonymous with America. Touristy it might be. But how can you miss out on the very symbol of the United States of America? Book much in advance if you are planning to go to the statue’s pedestal or crown.

Queens Night Market


Missing Indian food on your trip? The Queens Night Market is where you can have your fill. The market is full of vendors who serve food from across the world – from Thailand to Turkey to Peru – this is your chance to sample dishes from all over the globe, at nominal costs.

Metropolitan Museum Of Art


The centre of glamour, art and culture – that’s how The Met, or the Metropolitan Museum of Art, can be best described. The building itself is too beautiful to be missed with its Gothic-Revival style architecture, the tiered steps and more. Step inside and soak yourself in art, culture and everything else.

The Empire State Building


This famous landmark has an open-air observatory on the main deck of the 86th floor that will give you astounding view of Hudson and East rivers. You’ll also be able to see the Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn Bridge and more. Want to know how all of Central Park looks? Climb up to the 102nd floor and head to the indoor observation deck.

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