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April 22, 2020

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Pattedari Prathiba, directed by Neveen Krishna, is about a housewife, Mrs. Prathiba, who is always identified as Dr. Prashanth’s husband. However, her entire life turns around when her brother-in-law discovers her sharp mind and incredible ability to solve cases. She goes on to become the most successful detective.

An Intriguing Story Line

What really makes this show a special one and as unique is its intriguing storyline. The director has been able to set a certain mood wherein viewers begin to look at Prathiba as just another housewife who takes care of all the chores in the house. The real twist comes in when her brother-in-law notices her effortless ability to solve cases and suggests that she become a detective.

Attention To Detail

This show is surely worth a watch for the kind of attention that has been given to detail. Prathiba is always looking out for clues and leads that will help her solve a problem or puzzle of any kind. This sort of attention to personality traits is really incredible and rare to see.

Top 3 Reasons Why ZEE’s Pattedari Prathiba Must Be On The Top Of Your Binge-Watch List
A still from Pattedari Prathiba


Prathiba, played by Sharmila, has done an incredible job in striking a perfect balance between the wife that runs a house and a detective who catches every crime and criminal. Her multi-faceted personality is evident as she gets into the skin of the character. Her middle-aged husband, Dr. Prashant- played by Vallabh who is also a doctor- does an incredible job as the husband who is startled to see this side to his wife. Renowned actress Padma Vasanti also does an incredible job as the mother-in-law who would not have fathomed for her daughter-in-law to pursue a career as such.

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