Top 3 Reasons Why You Must Watch Mahanayaka Dr B R Ambedkar Starting Today!

Check out the reasons why you need to watch Mahanayaka Dr B R Ambedkar!


July 4, 2020


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Mahanayaka Dr BR Ambedkar focuses on the inspirational story of the ‘Father of the Indian Constitution’ just for you on ZEE5 and must be on the top of your ‘to-watch’ list! The show that is directed by Smruthi Sushilkumar Shinde features the child artist Ayudh Bhanushali who will be seen essaying the role of Ambedkar. It will also see Prasadh Jawade, Neha Joshi and Jagannath Nivangune in lead roles.

Here’s why you need to catch all the episodes of the show!

Revisiting History 

Through the show, we are able to revisit and reenter the magnificent history of  India that was led by some of the most notable leaders who have not only set a precedent for the future but are also a constant source of inspiration for every one of us. The founding father of the Indian Constitution, B. R. Ambedkar,  is a man who resides in the heart of million Indians and, through the show, you will be able to discover much more about this legacy than one would have ever thought!


The show is undoubtedly an inspirational story of Babasaheb and his journey. But what makes this story even more special than it is is the fact that it follows his story from the age of five to the time when he became the architect of the Indian constitution. The fact that every minute detail has been given importance helps the audience get a better depth as to how Dr Ambedkar experienced life and how that shaped up the future for India.

Source: ZEE5

Splendour Cast

Prasad Jawade will be seen essaying the lead character of Dr B.R Ambedkar while Aayudh Bhanushali will portray young Ambedkar. Additionally, Jaggu Niwangune will be seen as Ambedkar’s father and Neha Joshi as Ambedkar’s mother. Apart from that,  Saud Mansuri will be seen as his elder brother, Athar Khan as his younger brother and Tulsa and Vanshika Yadav as his sisters amongst others.

Meanwhile, catch up with all episodes of Gattimela exclusively on ZEE5!

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