Throwback Thursday: Relive 2019 With These Pictures Of Deva-Parvathi And Their Little Son

Sneha Bale

January 23, 2020


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Unconditional love


Just like all the Muddha Mandaram fans, most TV viewers would agree that there hasn’t been a love story as iconic as that of Deva and Parvathi, on the small screen. This couple, played by Pawan Sae and Thanuja Gowda, entertained us for five long years. Even when Deva and Parvathi passed away in an unexpected turn of events, they returned as Abhinandan and Soundarya to keep us going.

Now that the Ghattammaneni family, and the show, have bid goodbye to us, we keep dwelling in their memories. So, this Throwback Thursday, here are a few pictures of our beloved couple with their little toddler son.


The dreamy honeymoon


Do you remember the amazing honeymoon that Deva and Parvathi went for? It took them a long time to get away from the regular hustle-bustle and the tortures of Bhavani and Neelambari. But what matters is, they finally got the dreamiest honeymoon in the hills and valleys of Kashmir.

Momma’s love


Didn’t you believe that Parvathi aka Thanuja was the little one’s ‘real’ mother? We surely did because Thanuja kept him close and took care of the baby both, on-screen and off-screen.

The little solution to all problems


Achammamba succeeds in ruining the lives of Deva and Parvathi when Parvathi falls into her trap and loses her memory. With a newborn baby in her arm and no memory of her past, things took a wrong turn. But all the broken pieces fell in place when the little toddler managed to bring his father and mother closer again.

Play time on the sets


A general assumption is that having kids on the sets of a show or film makes it difficult for the cast and crew. But for the Ghattammaneni boys, having a child on set was great entertainment, it is a great past time and also a stress-buster. The smile on their faces says it all. Doesn’t it?

You can watch a rerun of all the episodes of Muddha Mandaram on ZEE5. Don’t forget to catch up on the updates of your favourite shows here.

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