Throwback Thursday: Look At Ex-Ghattammaneni Family Members To Wipe Away The Midweek Blues

Sneha Bale

December 5, 2019


1 min

Off-screen with Akhila, Deva and Parvathi


The longest and the most successful show on Zee Telugu is Muddha Mandaram. It is a story of the powerful Ghattammaneni family, the troubles they go through to stay together and stay happy. Over the last five years, the members of this family have become one with many households across the two Telugu speaking states. If you missed seeing them, here’s your opportunity to rekindle the heydays.

This picture features actor Haritha, Pavan Sae and Thanuja Gowda. In the show, Haritha has been essaying the role of Akhilandeswari. And, Pavan and Thanuja won millions of hearts as Deva and Parvathi. However, post their untimely on-screen demise, they came back to entertain us as Abhi and Soundarya, the reincarnates of Deva and Parvathi.

The forgotten friendships


The members of Muddha Mandaram are great friends not only on screen but also off-camera. Here, we have Pavan Sae, Manasa Charan, Sandra Jaichandra and Krishna Reddy, who were all seen as the members of the same family before the big leap in the show.

The beauties of Ghattammaneni family


In this selfie from the stage rehearsals of an award function, the ladies of Muddha Mandaram flash their brightest smiles. On-screen vamps Neelambari and Bhavani, played by Sunanda Mala Setti and Bhavana Reddy, too, join the clan.

Of outings and fun times


Here, we found an old photo of the cast of Muddha Mandaram enjoying a sunny day at the beach. Thanuja and Sandra Jaichandran (Aishwarya), seemed to have shared a close bond before things went cold turkey between the two.

Ghattammaneni princes


The on-screen princes of the Ghattammaneni family weren’t always prim and proper, especially when the cameras weren’t rolling. This throwback image from actor Krishna’s birthday is evidence of how mischievous and childlike they were.

All-time OTP


Even after many leaps in Muddha Mandaram, we know that the place Deva and Parvathi have carved for themselves will remain the same.

Deva and Parvathi


The meeting, the journey and the love that Deva and Parvathi had for each other made for an epic love story. It continues to stand out as the best love story that we witnessed on the small screen.

The unadulterated smiles


Despite all the negativity around them, when Deva and Parvathi looked at each other, they smiled with such purity that it would melt anyone. 

If you’re feeling blue, watch any of your favourite Muddha Mandaram episode on ZEE5 now. You can stay up to date and get an exclusive look at the latest episode, before TV. 

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