Throwback Thursday: Here’s How Adorable Ram Pothineni Has Been Since ‘88!

Sneha Bale

January 9, 2020


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Many shades of cuteness


Who doesn’t know Ram Pothineni? He is a man made for the big screen and lives in every girl’s heart. He is a kind of man who can break bones and effortlessly impress you with just a smile. Many of his films have proven that he is one of the great actors in the industry and is known for brilliant performances. Here are a few of his cute pictures that we’ve got our hands on and prove that he is absolutely somebody to root for!

A little boy with big dreams


Born to Murlimohan and Padmasree Pothineni, Ram happens to be the nephew of well-known producer, Shravanthi Ravi Kishore. The little boy always knew that he belonged on the big-screen.

Killer swag


Today, we see Ram rocking a multi-coloured denim pant and printed silk shirts. If you think that the actor has developed his sense of style recently, you are mistaken. Because, ever since he was a little boy, Ram has had a swag of his own.

Not one in the crowd


Ram is known to be the one who stands out. From his choice of films to his choice of wardrobe, he has always done something that’s usual. And now, we expect nothing but a new surprise from him. 

Powerhouse of talent


The cute little boy made his foray into the world of acting at the age of 12 with a lead role in a Tamil short film, named ID. The film was shortlisted amongst 120 short-films at the European Film Festival, where Ram had won his first award for The Best Actor. The 2006 romantic film, Devadasu, marked Ram’s entry as the mainstream film actor. The film ran for over 175 days across 205 centres and continues to be a record-breaking film. 

We’re sure you need more of RaPo to wipe away your mid-week blues. Find his superhit films, like Kandireega and Hyper on ZEE5. 

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