Throwback Thursday: All About The Time When Parama Mitra Solved Her First Official Case And Became Goyenda Ginni!

What led the protagonist, Parama Mitra, from this wildly popular Bengali TV serial to take up detective work? Read all about it right here!


July 30, 2020


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The Zee Bangla TV serial Goyenda Ginni aired on television from years 2015 to 2016, and remains a classic favourite among all of us even today! You can watch episodes from Goyenda Ginni right here on ZEE5, as it was brought back due to popular demand during the nationwide Coronavirus lockdown. Starring the talented Indrani Haldar as the lead character of Parama Mitra, Goyenda Ginni  followed the adventures of a bright housewife who discovers that she has a knack for detective work, and goes on to join forces with a police inspector to help solve cases while balancing her domestic life! Let’s take a look at the time that Parama managed to solve her very first case, and how it all transpired in the first place.

Watch an episode from Goyenda Ginni below:

Parama Mitra is the Boro Bou (eldest daughter-in-law) of the Mitra family, and has been given a family heirloom– a precious tiara– for safekeeping by Thamma (grandmother) who is the oldest member of the family. The tiara is meant to be passed down to Disha, who will be married soon. On the day of Disha’s Aai Buro Bhaat, Thamma exclaims that her granddaughter’s head should not be left unadorned, and demands that the tiara be fetched. Suddenly, an uproar breaks out when a little boy bursts into the living room where the ceremony is taking place, and announces that the tiara has been stolen!

Goyenda Ginni
Source: ZEE5

The tiara, which had been locked up inside a cupboard has gone missing, and nobody seems to have any clue as to what happened to it! Thamma is horrified, and refuses to eat or drink anything until the precious ancestral piece of jewellery has been traced. Thamma is diabetic and is of frail health, and Parama becomes extremely worried about her decision to stop consuming food and water. As it had been her responsibility to ensure that the tiara was kept properly, Parama feels incredibly guilty and vows to turn into a detective if she has to in order to retrieve it! In turn, Parama’s mother-in-law will not hear of this, and orders her not to interfere in the matter, but rather wait for Inspector Arup Roy to show up and conduct the investigation.

Goyenda Ginni
Source: ZEE5

Of course, Parama does not back down and in fact, helps the Inspector to crack the case of the missing tiara, and the rest is history. The Inspector was extremely impressed with her sharp mind and so grateful for her contribution in the case, that he invites her to join him in a professional capacity and be his partner in solving plenty of other cases in the future! This is exactly how Parama is as good as her word, and turns into a detective after all!

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