Three Best Words That Suit The Gattimela Actor Rakshit Are Handsome, Dashing And Charming

Parinika Uchil

April 17, 2019

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The strong-headed Vedanth from the increasingly popular show Gattimela is all set to leave you in drools. Before I dwell more on that, let’s talk about the hero scene in Zee Kannada for a second. From the time it started until now, the shift in the kind of heroes audiences are looking out for has matched their demand perfectly. To take a few names we already have studs like Bharath Bopanna from Bramhagantu, Dheekshith Shetty from Naagini, Thandav Ram from Jodi Hakki and Sharath Bharadwaj from Paaru. To add to this slobber fest is Rakshit from the newest show on Zee Kannada, Gattimela.

All his fans who follow him regularly on his social media will agree with me when I say that this actor is all about oomph, confidence and style! So, if you are having a foul day and want something to uplift your spirit, what better way to gawk at the handsome Gattimela actor’s pics. Keep scrolling.

1. Dressed like a village headman. The hottest and probably youngest village sarpanch you’ll see. 

2. On a cruiser bike, Rakshit looks even better

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Love the retro colours!? Happy evening ?

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3. As Vedanth on Gattimela, Rakshit looks the best! Yen heluthira? 

4. Yes! My morning is happy!!

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Happy morning ?

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5. Hoodie or not, here he comes, to slay your heart with love

6. With a hat and funny-face, this is the first time Rakshit has looked more cute than hot!

7. While he doesn’t preach hunting, his pics with the guns make him look like a dude from the Mafia!

8. Another pic that screams ‘Drool’ all over it!

9. Is it just me or is this the best pic of the Gattimela actor?

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Respost #naragundabandaya press meet? Good day to y’all?

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Now ladies, time to vote for the picture that instantly turned your frown upside down. Your choices are awaited in the comments box below.

Continue the entertainment by watching the latest episodes of Paaru, streaming for free on ZEE5. 

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