This Video From Akhilandeshwari Of Chembarathi Is Surely Going To Surprise You!

Be sure to be surprised by this video from Aishwarya Bhaskaran aka Akhilandeshwari of Chembarathi. It’s a must watch!

Tom Francis

January 12, 2020


2 min


The on-screen enmity between the powerful Thrichambarath Akhilandeshwari and Vilasini continues to thrill us all with the energy they bring on to the small screen. Akhilandeshwari, the powerful matriarch is the only defence for Kalyani and Anand against the hurtful traps set by Vilasini in the series. The viewers are captivated by Aishwarya Bhaskaran’s powerful screen presence, at the same time Vilasini, essayed by Sree Padma adds to the intensity of the show.

Missed out on the latest episode of Chembarathi? Watch it here:


Remember when Akhilandeshwari banned Vilasini from speaking in front of her as she learns about her hurtful ways to destroy Kalyani’s life? With such intense scenarios played by the duo, we have all wondered whether the actors are rivals off screen also. Aishwarya Bhaskaran’s recent video on Instagram proves us all wrong as the ever powerful Thrichambarath Akhilandeshwari is seen lovingly feed her arch nemesis Vilasini aka Sree Padma.

Watch the video here:

Aren’t you all surprised by the duo’s off-screen love?

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