THIS Is Why You Need A Girl Gang In Your Life Like Nakshatra From Maate Mantramu

Sneha Bale

September 12, 2019


1 min

1. Standing besides you

In the ZEE Telugu show Maate Mantramu, Vasundhara may be a one-woman army. But Nakshatra has her entourage standing next to her. Ninne Pelladatha‘s Mansi to Ganga Manga‘s Ganga, the ladies have paraded in to help their girl out. And this reminds us, why we all need to have our own entourage or a girl-gang.

Whose life is not messy? Utopia, my friend, is still in our imagination. But we all have to deal with some or the other problem each day, every day. It only gets better when you have a strong support system.

2. Knows what you need

You and girls might like to play dress on a day off. But just like they know your favourite colour and favourite restaurant, they also know what you need and when. From a tight hug to a quick change, they know you as well you know yourself.

3. Doing the work for you

Sometimes doing a certain work might not be possible for you. But who needs a professional or an assistant when you have a best friend? They’ll fill in the spots that you cannot.

4. Hyping you up

In a world that constantly pushes you down through the number of likes or double taps and negativity comments, it’s important to remember your place and worth. If you have a girl-gang, you stop bothering about the number of likes and a plethora of comments. Because they will be there to ‘hype you up’!

5. Comforting and picking you up

Of course, a frozen tub of chocolate ice cream works great for the day when you need to sit back and be mellow. But what works better is sitting down your gang of girls, venting out your thought – unfiltered – and then helping them in helping you, is the perfect solution.

What’s your favourite thing about your girl-gang? For more entertainment, watch Shruti Haasan and Siddharth‘s Oh My Friend on ZEE5.

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