This Is The Actual Profession Of Utkarsha Naik Aka Manjari Kundra From Siddhvinayak

Ashutosh Oak

April 12, 2019


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Utkarsha Naik is a household name thanks to her roles in some popular TV shows. Being a prominent part of the TV industry now for quite some time, she is currently playing the role of the main antagonist Manjari Kundra on And TV’s popular show Siddhivinayak. 

Fans love to hate Utkarsha’s onscreen vamp avatar. Completely enjoying playing this evil role, not many of her fans would know that acting has always been her hobby. But, before becoming an established name in the TV industry, the actress was doing something else professionally that will leave her fans totally surprised.

Have a look at Utkarsha’s role of Manjari who is a doting mother to Vin but in reality, just wants money and her share in the riches.

The talented actress is a doctor and was earlier working as a physiotherapist. Yes! You read it right. It was in one of her earlier interviews where she had revealed about it. She said, “By profession, I am a physiotherapist but acting had always been my hobby. My medical and acting career always went hand-in-hand, so I never had to struggle much. Opportunities kept coming my way and the fact I belonged to Mumbai worked in my favour. I have done Gujarati movies and plays, and of course, I can speak in Gujarati!” On the other hand, the actor’s role in the show is of an antagonist and here is the

Further, upon being asked that being a physiotherapist, does she still continue her practice as a doctor, the actress replied to it, “I wish I could because it is a very fulfilling and noble career. It offers a good amount of money but it also helps in changing the lives of disabled people. It feels good to see your patients moving and walking around again. However, as both careers require a lot of time and commitment, I had to choose between the two so that I could balance my family life as well. So, I chose acting as it has always been my first love.”

Well, not only us but also her fans wouldn’t have been happier to know that it was acting that she finally chose.

Were you aware of this fact before? Let us know in the comments section below.

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