This Before And After Look Of Gaurav S Bajaj Will Leave You Stunned

Ashutosh Oak

March 31, 2019


2 min


Be it his obsession for Siddhi (Farnaz Shetty) or wanting to kill his stepbrother Vinayak aka Vin (Nitin Goswami), Gaurav S Bajaj’s acting skills have made us dislike him. Though the actor made an entry in the mid of the show, he has left a lasting impression on viewers minds such that the episode seems to be incomplete without his towering presence. Other than Rudra’s personality, one of the prime reasons that made him look scarier in the show was his long hair look.

Watch the full episode of Siddhivinayak below:

But, it was a total surprise when the actor went through a transformation. He was seen cutting his long hair and coming to a shorter hair look, something similar to that of Vin’s hairstyle on the show. Now, when we say this the reason behind this transformation is none but Siddhi. So, here’s a ‘Before and After’ look of cunning and obsessed Gaurav S Bajaj aka Rudra in Siddhivinayak.

Rudra's Transformation

Doesn’t he look menacing? We must say that the actor pulls off both the looks with equal ease.

Let us know which look did you like the most?

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