Thinking Up Pre-Wedding Photoshoot Themes? We’ve Got 7 Ideas For You

Sneha Bale

July 27, 2019


1 min

1. The Sketchbook


Naga Chaitanya and Anu Emmanuel starrer 2018-hit film, Sailaja Reddy Alludu, is all things amazing. One of the most beautiful aspects of the film has to be its cinematography. And kudos to Nizar Shaafi for making every frame look like a painting. During our nth watch, we found quite a few pre-wedding themes stitched seamlessly into the storyline of the film. It ain’t no Kalyanam if it ain’t too Vaibhogam! And if you are struggling to come up with a theme, we’ve got you covered and spoilt for choice.

First, the opening credits of the film are rolled as paintings take over the screen. Sitting through a painting could be tiresome but you can surely tell your story through pictures that are later edited to look like paintings.

2. Contemporary Aesthetics


Given the current trends, a picture is no good if it does not add aesthetic value to your Instagram feed. And so, here’s our next idea. The city is filled with restaurants and jamming places that serve as a great background for your pictures. Find one, colour coordinate your outfits with the place and click, click, click.

3. For The Beach Bums


The picture here could be a little bit of ‘over-doing’, but beaches are a great place for your pre-wedding shoot. Add some whites to your outfit, some pastel flowers to your surrounding and nature works its magic upon your love story.

4. Vintage Charm


Some things never change. By that, we meant vintage charm. From broken staircases to iconic forts, find your corner, suit up in your best colour-block outfits and paint the city red (or whatever colour suits you!).

5. All Out And Dramatic


If you are lucky enough to find a Nazir Shafi for yourself, this is the best you can do. Just like Indian weddings, let your theme for the pre-wedding photoshoot be dramatic. We’re not talking melodrama and over-the-top acting. We’re talking about colours and lights and mood! Sounds interesting, right? Let the hunt begin.

6. Into The Corners Left Unseen


There are too many places that we can recognise in the first look itself. This time, dive out of that and explore the walls, streets and corners of places lesser explored. Graffiti walls and secluded streets often make interesting pictures. You might not want to miss that opportunity.

7. The Night’s Beauty


From dusk to dawn, couples are busy taking advantage of the golden sunlight to capture their perfect moments. But why not explore the charm and beauty of your relationship under the beautiful and romantic moonlight? The wise once said (or so we believe), everything that happens after 2 a.m., is a great story to tell. What do you think?

Let us know what’s your pick in the comments below. And until next time, watch the romantic film Ye Maaya Chesave on ZEE5 with your would-be and call it a date night.

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