Things You Should Know If You Are Switching To A Fruit Diet Like Sembaruthi’s Parvathy

June 14, 2019


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Shabana Shajahan’s love for fruits was evident when she shared a post on one of her social media platforms. She posted a picture of a very yummy looking fruit bowl and added a phrase that highlighted her choice of a healthy lifestyle. Shabana is famous for portraying the role of Parvathy in the show Sembaruthi that streams on ZEE5.

Watch Parvathy as she tries to find a balance between her duty as a daughter and a wife, in the show Sembaruthi.

With this public post, the actress surely calls in for a check of one’s diet and attention to healthy eating habits. Now we all know the importance of having a healthy meal and including proper amounts of fibre and fruits to our diet.

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Taking this healthy diet pattern to a whole new level is the concept of fruitarianism. This is not just a pattern of diet, in fact, it is a lifestyle. People who adopt this way of life chose to entirely to shift their priorities of eating to consumption of fruits.

While many people would debate on the bright side of this diet but there are certain drawbacks too which should not be underestimated. So, let us take a deep dive and understand certain essential aspects related to fruitarianism.

One of the basic facts that should be highlighted here is that a person who opts for this kind of a diet is agreeing to gradually shed the dependency on cooked or processed food. While this would come as a relief to many, it is also bound to have a dire effect on people who prioritise their palate over their type of food.

Researches in this field show that maintaining an all fruit diet will essentially help one to reduce the weight but in some cases, the effect is very marginal. Thus, one can say that eating a lot of fruits will help to stay fit and reduce the risk of chronic diseases but probably may not help in reducing your weight.

While fruits are generally safe to have for most people, but for diabetic patients, the fruitarian diet can prove to be fatal. Fruits contain sugar in large quantities and eating excessive quantities of sugar could affect their blood sugar levels. Also, it might have a fatal effect on people with pancreatic and kidney disorders.

According to report, a fruitarian diet is not adequate, especially if one considers the fact that very few fruits can meet the regular demand of essential fatty acids, proteins and calcium in the human body. Thus, leaving the immunity system weak and susceptible.

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