Things About Vikram-Aditya Of Attarintlo Akka Chellellu That Prove Brotherhood Is Powerful

Sneha Bale

April 6, 2020


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Pillars of the family

In Attarintlo Akka Chellellu, we see many interesting and relatable characters. While the show revolves around the twin sisters, Shravani and Dharani, we talk about someone else today. The leading men of the show, Vikram and Aditya, are equally important as their better halves. Played by Madhubabu and Akarsh, these characters have struck the right chord with us. With their portrayal of brothers, they have also proved that brotherhood is the way ahead.

Both the brothers always come forward when their family is in danger or needs them. Not once have the two fought for their selfish needs. Moreover, Vikram and Aditya both keep their families ahead of their personal needs.

Standing up for each other

Given Aditya’s temper issues, Vikram makes it a point to save his younger brother from any type of bullies. He also talks on his behalf and makes sure that nobody hurts him, not even their parents. Similar, given Vikram’s shy nature, Aditya blurts out the right things at the right time and makes sure his brother gets what he wishes for.

Sharing secrets and keeping them safe

From keeping secrets about school fights to sharing secrets of their love life, these brothers have become each other’s cosy cocoon. Both, Vikram and Aditya, know who is the right person when they need advice and encouragement.

Dealing with each other's tantrums with patience

Vikram’s shyness can be a problem as much as Aditya’s stubbornness. Despite their stark opposite personalities, the two find a way to bear with each other patiently. Weirdly so, the two boys become more calm when they are dealing with each other. We’re sure, brotherhood is a strong bond after all.

Finding solutions to every problem

Aditya and Vikram are surrounded by several troublemakers. In this madness, our two boys hold hands and fight each problem together. Even when they do not seem to discuss or talking about the struggle, we can sense silent solidarity between the two.

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